Special Guest:

Peter Schärli


Composer / Bandleader / Lecturer at the Lucerne School - Music


Peter Schärli has been working as a professional musician since 1978 and has played and still plays with many different artists and bands, at national and international level, in a wide variety of formations and styles.


He plays at music and theater festivals in Europe, India, the former USSR, Africa and South America.


Currently he mainly performs with his own bands, the «Peter Schärli Trio featuring Glenn Ferris» (Hans-Peter Pfammatter, Thomas Dürst, Glenn Ferris, Peter Schärli), «Feigenwinter-Moreira-Schärli», «Sound Experience» (Lauren Newton, Sylwia Zytynska, Jean-Jacques Pedretti, Peter Schärli) and «Peter Schärl: Don't change your hair for me» (Sandy Patton, Antonia Giordano, Thomas Dürst, Peter Schärli).


As a sideman he is playing in formations like Roberto Domeniconi «Vierklang», «Der grosse Bär», the «Federlosband» of Co Streiff or «Jazzinteam» a formation headed by the singer Gitte Deubelbeiss. He participated as composer and trumpeter in numerous theater and circus productions, films and radio plays. He ist teaching at the «Hochschule Luzern - Musik» since 1981.