The band JAZZINTEAM impresses with its versatile arrangements and exciting interpretations of selected jazz standards, songs and original compositions by the Danish singer and bandleader Gitte Deubelbeiss.


The brillant rhythm section with Urs Luthard on piano, Emanuel Schnyder on bass and Robert Weder on drums offers plenty of room for the virtuoso sounds of Tommy Inderbinen on tenor saxophone and the dark, variable voice of bandleader Gitte Deubelbeiss.


Gitte dives deep into the meaning and interpretation of the lyrics and presents a rollercoaster of emotions with her brilliant band – bluesy, soulful with jazzy depth, funky groove and a pinch of humor.


Gitte Deubelbeiss, Vocal, Comp.

Tommy Inderbinen, Tenorsax

Urs Luthard, Piano

Emanuel Schnyder, Bass

Robert Weder, Drums

Musical journey of Jazzinteam

The singer and bandleader Gitte Deubelbeiss has been on the road with her formation "JAZZINTEAM" since 2007 in projects in duo, trio, quartet and quintet with wonderful musicians. With Ruedi Vögeli (Guitar, d. 2017), Roberto Di Martino (Percussion) many unforgettable moments of playing together in duo and trio were experienced and the musical direction of JAZZINTEAM was created.


The CD production "Et øjeblik" (a moment), which followed in 2016, was given a special musical touch with trumpeter Peter Schärli and bassist Emanuel Schnyder, and the five original compositions by Gitte Deubelbeiss were excellently realized in a quintet.


We did not perform a concert tour in 2017, as unfortunately our guitarist Ruedi Vögeli passed away after a short, severe illness in mid of 2017. After this sad event, a musical break followed to heal the wounds of this loss. From 2018 we started healed and with renewed drive in a new sound direction – we were able to work out a new basic sound with Urs Luthard on the piano and develop musically with the repertoire of JAZZINTEAM. 


Since 2021, jazz drummer Robert Weder from the city of Olten has been setting the groovy beat at JAZZINTEAM, since percussionist Roberto Di Martino left the formation at the end of 2020 in favor of other projects. Tommy Interbinen has been a permanent member of the band on tenor saxophone since fall 2021 and characterizes the sound of JAZZINTEAM with his warm, virtuoso sounds.


In this constellation, JAZZINTEAM has been returned to where the music carries us and offers a space for all musicians.