Born 1966 in Grenchen, has lived in Olten for 29 years. As a youthful drummer he was active in wind orchestras and bands. From 1988 to 1993 he expanded his spectrum by studying at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, adding the instruments piano and trombone. For more than 30 years he has played as a drummer in various jazz and crossover formations in Switzerland and abroad.


Since 2000 he also works as a composer and sound designer. In 2012 he has been nominated as a film music composer for the Film Music Award (Short Film Sector) at the International Film Music Festival Cologne.


Extract from fellow musicians

Franco Ambrosetti, Umberto Arlatti, Katharina Bauer, Daniel Bohnenblust, Jan Brönimann, Jean-Paul Brodbeck, Michael Bucher, Michael Chylewski, Thomas Dürst, Glenn Ferris (USA), Dave Feusi, Marco Figini, Markus Fischer, Daniel Fricker, Dominique Girod, Rahel Hadorn, Bernhard Häberlin, Fabienne Hoerni, Markus Hauser, Tommy Inderbinen, Herbie Kopf, Roland Köppel, Daniel Küffer, Philipp Kuhn, André Kunz, Domenic Landolf, Robi Lakatos (UG), Ephrem Lüchinger, Nicolas Meier (GB), Rolf Mosele, René Mosele, Thomas Möckel, Marc Nightingale (GB), Peter Oxley (GB), Roland Philipp, René Reimann, Claudio Roditi (USA), Jeanpierre Schaller, Peter Schärli, Emanuel Schnyder, Simon Spiess, Phil Stöckli, Ago Totaro, Peter Wagner, Klaus Widmer, Chris Wiesendanger, Urs Wiesner, Larry Woodli (USA), Stewy Von Wattenwil. 


Excerpt of bands and projects

Soul Department, Deep Sea, Strickjacken-Combo, Simon Spiess Quartet, Onkel vom Mond, Les Soussoleurs, The Boogaloo Syndicate, Robomax live improvised Dancemusic, Vario Haus Band, OpenClassic & JazzAir, Peter Wagner and the Cleaners (Japan-Tournee), Flying Sonics, Pocket Funk, Michael Chylewski Quintet, Markus Hauser Quartet, Thommy Inderbinen Quartet, Konzertanz (Flamenco und Jazz), Multi-media Projekte (Fotoprojektionen/Live-Musik), Roland Phillip Jazz Phalanx, Big Band Olten, Bass-Saxsummit, AK`s Groovement, Phil’s Boogaloo Desire.